James aka WallaceMcConnell

James, who has drawn considerable inspiration from his mother and grandmother, has credited them as such by adopting a pen name in their honour: “My mother and grandparents showed me that there is always something of interest to be found, whether we are at home in the back garden, walking up a river or on top of a mountain. “Just do it, go for it. Try it and then see where it brings you.” Because of their inspiration I decided to sign all of my work with their names. My mother’s maiden name is Wallace, and my grandmother’s maiden name is McConnell: WallaceMcConnell.

James now specializes in portraiture and fine art. Travelling has opened his frame of mind to be more accepting of others, and has helped him understand that it is our differences that make for a more interesting world. By capturing this beauty in his photographs, he hopes to convey an aesthetic appreciation that will inspire others and lead to awareness and respect for the natural and cultural diversity of our world.