If I see something with great light I’ll shoot it, or if I feel something about what I see, I’ll shoot it. Then once I review what I have, it will set me on the path to be creative. I consider photography to be an art. You can use all the correct settings on the camera to shoot an image, but it becomes an art when your eyes see something that sparks into a passion to let others see it in the same way you do.

Everyone can hear a story, see an event, take in a spectacular and beautiful view, but each one of us understands it and views it differently. Photography allows me to express how I view life in relation to the world, and in relation to those around me”.

If you are interested in an image, please just send me a message through the ‘contact’ page with any questions including price, size, finish etc. Also keep an eye on the blog section to see finished prints and images already selling and in production.

All photographs copyright by WallaceMcConnell